So you’ve had a bit of a car accident. Maybe it was just a fender bender, or maybe it was a little more serious. Regardless of what type of collision that has occurred, there may be hidden damage to your car that you might not know about. The exterior damage is the easy thing for us to spot, but what about the things beneath the surface?  Even if your car appears to be running alright, there may be things lurking beneath the surface that can cause serious problems.

Some of these problems may not be apparent right away, but can cause serious issues as you drive your car. Because the bumpers on modern cars don’t provide much protection, it’s easy for the structure of the car to get damaged in accidents like fender benders. If the frame was bent in the accident, then that can throw the car’s alignment off, doors or other parts might not align, and your tires might not maintain traction. It can also put more stress on the suspension system, causing the shocks and struts to frequently wear out. Overall a bent frame can compromise your car’s safety, since it might not hold up as well in your next collision.

Other things like your steering, electrical, transmission, and brakes could have also been affected during the collision. Engine and fluid lines could have taken a hit, which can lead to further costly engine damage as well. Or the exhaust system could have gotten pushed out of place, causing damage to the catalytic converter or other parts of the system.

All these items should be inspected to ensure the safety of the driver and your passengers. It’s important that you take your car to a place that employs certified collision experts. They know what problems to look for that another mechanic or insurance adjuster may have missed.

Also something to consider, is that the insurance company will only pay for the apparent damage on the vehicle. If not found initially, the insurance company might not cover these additional repairs. So take your vehicle to a certified collision repair shop from the start to be ensured that all the damage is found right away