Heritage Auto Body has been in business in Coon Rapids, Minnesota for a long time. We’re always happy to help our customers in whatever way they need us and one way we offer help is by answering your questions about the collision industry or collision repair while providing you expert service!

Let’s answer your most frequently asked questions:

Q:  How long will my vehicle be in the shop?

A: We get this one a lot. It’s impossible to tell before we get your car in to the shop to know exactly how much time it will take. In most cases, the repairs are done in a few days to a week, but it can take longer. That’s why we keep in communication with you every step of the way.

Q: Can You Fix unrelated damage while my vehicle is in your shop?

A: Sure, we can take a look and give an estimate for any additional repairs that might be needed.

Q: Do You Need to Make an Appointment Before Bringing in Your Car?
A: Yes! We always recommend making an appointment before you come in to make sure we can the time to look over your vehicle. You can call us at (763) 786-7034 or visit our online estimator tool.

Q: Can We Help with Insurance Claims or the Insurance Process?

A: You bet! This is something we do every day; we have the experience to work with your insurance and take an unwanted stressful experience and turn it into something easy. We aim to do so while also keeping repairs at a cost your insurance agrees to. If you’ve received an estimate that is different than ours in anyway, please bring the estimate into our shop so we can negotiate and find a way to accomplish your repair!

Q: Why Choose Heritage Auto Body for Your Collision Repair?
Great question! We provide the highest quality paint and auto body repair work possible, with the highest level of customer service, on each and every job we do. We treat your car like a classic.

Heritage Auto Body has over 34 years of reputable service to Anoka County residents.  We have gained a reputation as one of the finest auto body and paint shops in the area. We understand that our reputation will continue to grow with every quality job we do.

These are just a few of the most common questions we receive, but there are many more. If yours hasn’t been answered, you can always give us a call. We’re happy to hel