parking lotAs spring starts to come forward in the Twin Cities, more and more people will be out and about. That means parking lots will be fuller and there could be potential dings and dents to your car. If you have an older car that you don’t care about, it might not concern you. If you have something nice and new or you just don’t want to bring it in for repair, here are some tips for preventing dents:

Take a Walk: Parking lots are big, so consider parking your car away from others and taking a little walk. This can prevent your car from being bumped into. Obviously, if the weather is bad or you have something that prevents from you walking this could be an issues, but there’s usually no harm in spreading out.

Give Room to Other Vehicles: Make sure you give ample room to the vehicles next to you. If the space looks too small, try another option. If you wedge your car too close to someone else, you could run the risk of having them dent it. Leaving room on both sides of your car allows everyone to get in and out as they need too without touching anyone’s car.

Leave With Care: If you’re in a rush, you may pull out a parking space in a hurry which could be fine or you might bump the car next to you.

If you do find yourself with car damage from parking accidents, and your car needs some love, give us a call at Heritage Auto Body and we’ll get you all shined up like new!